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Ayesha Banu, Founder and CEO of CODING CLAY TECH ACADEMY, B.E, M.Tech, GATE(97 percentile), Alumni of RVCE College of Engineering, Bangalore. She has Industrial expertise in Embedded Systems, Internet of Things, Drone Technologies. She also has Academic and Research expertise in Image Processing, Instrumentation , Digital Communication, and Automation.

The Vision of Coding lay Tech Academy is to Enable students with the Communication, Management and Technical Skills and make them successful in careers.

Mission of Coding Clay Tech Academy is to bring up quality education and help the unemployed graduates and students to learn real engineering skills so that they will not suffer in careers.

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Engineering is not just a degree, it's the
Art of Building Products!!!

In IT Industry many are not happy with what they are doing. Either they don't get right projects or they will not be valued for their work. After working for few years, many will seek non-IT jobs for professional fulfillment. There are huge opportunities for engineering career aspirants in Embedded Systems, Internet of Technology, Robotics, Drones, Cloud Computing, 5G and Artificial Intelligence. But many will not get those jobs, because of lack of  core technical skills. Even after completing the Engineering Degree, students will not know how to professionally build a product. Many candidates will be hired merely because of their scores in theory exams, communication and presentation skills. They will be given jobs like documentation, marketing, testing, content creation and that will hinder their professional growth. If you are some one looking forward to have a beautiful and peaceful career, then you have to begin it in the appropriate direction. The first job, first manager and first company matters a lot in terms of how one climbs career Ladder. 

In Coding Clay Tech Academy, we offer Diploma courses which will enable students with all the skills and

competencies to Design, Build and Debug the products.  The graduates of Coding Clay Tech Academy will be able to get jobs in best product based companies and they quickly grow their careers.


These Diploma courses are given at very affordable prices, with 90% discount to our market price, so that every student and job seeker could afford and get benefitted with our Diploma courses.

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